Medical School Application Review

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Medical School Application Review​

The vast majority of medical school and residency programs utilize a common application system through which your submissions can be placed. In order for your application to be ready, you will need to have the experience and extracurricular sections, academic honors and awards, and all other application components prepared prior to submission.

Since there are character limits on each of these parts, it requires a thoughtful approach to describe all of your experiences succinctly while still conveying their importance for your development as an applicant and what you may contribute in the future at your next institution.

Our physician admissions advisors take pain-staking care to go through each component to ensure that spelling and grammar is appropriate, experiences are ordered appropriately, and that you are conveying each honor and extracurricular activity in a way that best represents what you can offer to your medical school and residency application.

Have you qualified for an application fee waiver?

For students who have qualified for a full application fee waiver and can provide a copy of their fee waiver documentation, we are committed to providing services to applicants with financial need and will provide one of our individual services with fees completely waived. Believe you may qualify? Contact us below!

Medical School Application Review

Whether you are utilizing the AMCAS, ERAS, CASPA or a different application system, ensuring that your application is free of errors and gaining input regarding key experiences and how to highlight them can be crucial in helping your application stand out.

It is my goal to have Mount Sinai graduates remake the image of American physicians and scientists — committed, selfless, and ethical, and at the same time, translational and transformative.” Dean Dennis S. Charney, MD of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

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Your next step will require years of commitment with future opportunities at stake depending on the program type and reputation of the institution. It is worth the initial investment in your application to make sure that you receive the acceptance that is right for you, and one that fully realizes your goals for the future. Reach out with any questions below if you are still deciding which service will most serve your application needs.
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