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Pursue Your True Calling With Our Law School Consulting Services​

JD Advisors From Top Institutions

Our JD advisors are graduates from top law programs in the country and currently practice in the countries top private and public law firms. Having successfully completed these milestones, they now help others map out their own path.

Achieving Your Maximum Future Potential

Graduating from top law institutions can open limitless job opportunities at the most elite national firms and government agencies in the future. Our systematic review from law school admission experts with inside knowledge can maximize your chance of acceptance.

Competitive Edge

Acceptance rates at competitive law schools have fallen below 15% at many institutions, and entry continues to become more selective each year. A polished personal statement, secondary essay, or stellar interview can make the difference.

Expert Law School Consulting Services that Will Best Fit Your Needs!

Personal Essay Editing

An amazing personal statement can be the decisive factor in acceptance at top JD programs. Our editing by JD advisors and admissions experts helps you optimize the center-piece of your application through multiple rounds of detailed edits to give you the best chance of acceptance.

Secondary Essay Editing​

The secondary essays for a specific program are an exceptionally important part of the application that should not be overlooked. Our JD advisors assist applicants in guiding essay structure and content to prepare for submission to their programs of choice.

Detailed Application Review

With several factors that go into the JD application that can determine success, a comprehensive review ensures that all sections of the JD application including essays, educational history and important experiences are fully prepared for submission.

Interview Preparation

Programs may have multiple different interview formats, and preparing for the most common and difficult JD interview questions with an experienced law school admission advising team can make the difference between rejection and acceptance at the most competitive institutions.

LSAT Tutoring and Preparation

The two single most important objective criteria considered in law school admissions are your grade point average and your LSAT score. This second number can help you stand out nationally and make you competitive at some of the best schools in the country.

Hourly Applicant Advising

If you are planning your application in advance and are wondering what experiences will be most helpful or advantageous, we offer individual advising sessions for JD applicants in order to plan their journey carefully for success upon submission.

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Prior Admissions Expertise

With inside knowledge of how the admissions committee process works, our advisors can help gear your application to be as visible and attractive to committees as possible.

Elite Preparation

Having graduated from some of the most competitive programs in the country, our advisors know what it takes to get there – and how to prepare you for success.

Experienced Editing

Our editors have spent years reviewing applications, identifying mistakes and pitfalls to avoid, and enhancing each element of an application to shine once submitted. 

Tradition of Excellence

Many of our students have achieved acceptance to their top-choice programs, and some of the most competitive universities around the globe. 

Elite Law School Admission Advising For Comprehensive Preparation

It is no secrete that acceptance to law school, particularly at top programs, is extremely competitive. It requires years of studying, patience, and dedication.

Fortunately, students who have graduated from top programs in the country have limitless options regarding job opportunities in the private and public sector.

With expert advising from our JD reviewers who assist with essay editing, interview preparation, and whole application review, our students have gained acceptance to some of the most competitive programs in the country.

Getting into your program of choice matters not only because you will be spending the next several years of your life at that institution, but also because of all of the spectacular opportunities that are available to you following graduation.

Law School Application

Have you qualified for an application fee waiver?

For students who have qualified for a full application fee waiver and can provide a copy of their fee waiver documentation, we are committed to providing services to applicants with financial need and will provide one of our individual services with fees completely waived. Believe you may qualify? Contact us below!

Meet our Expert Team of Advisors

University of Pennsylvania School of Law

Akila Bhargava, JD

B.A. - Vanderbilt University J.D. - University of Pennsylvania Law School

Cornell University Law School

Marisa A. Werner, JD, MBA

B.A. - Dartmouth College, JD/MBA - Cornell Law School and School of Business

Michigan State School of Law

Ryan Middleton, JD

B.A. - Cornell University; J.D. - Michigan State University College of Law

University of Virginia Law School

Monica Overturf, JD

B.A. - Northern Arizona University Summa Cum Laude; J.D. - University of Virginia Law School 

Boston College Law School

Michael Cavoto, JD

B.A. - Boston College J.D. - Boston College School of law

University of Maryland School of Law

Kaylie Gioioso, JD

B.A. - Loyola University Maryland Summa Cum Laude, JD - University of Maryland Magna Cum Laude

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Your next step will require years of commitment with future opportunities at stake depending on the program type and reputation of the institution. It is worth the initial investment in your application to make sure that you receive the acceptance that is right for you, and one that fully realizes your goals for the future. Reach out with any questions below if you are still deciding which service will most serve your application needs.
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