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Preparing the Personal Essay For Success

There are key elements that the personal essay should answer about you as an applicant, and all this needs to be done artfully yet concisely to convince a committee of admissions officers that you are the right fit for their program. Crafting the essay should involve planning regarding what kind of story you want to tell, insight into how to structure this in a way that flows naturally for the reader, and most importantly ensuring that you took the opportunity to display the unique qualities that you possess as an applicant.  Editing and preparing your essay should involve multiple rounds of edits to verify that there are no grammar or spelling errors – but this alone is not sufficient to stand out among a group of qualified and compelling applicants. The story you choose to tell needs to be interesting and engage the reader, flow well from paragraph to paragraph in a logical progression, and above all else show the admissions reader that you are someone that will contribute value to the diversity of ideas, passions, and insights at an institution.

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Personal Essay Editing

The personal essay is your opportunity to show the admissions committee who you are through a one page letter – no small task. There are key elements that each essay should convey in order to stand out in a positive manner and demonstrate why you in particular are the applicant they wish to accept among so many others that are qualified. 

“The key is to show genuine passion, commitment and that they have what it takes to survive at school.” –  Lorenzo Gamboa, Senior Associate Director of  Admissions

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Instead of addressing and polishing only one facet of the entire application, it can be helpful to have a thorough review to ensure that the personal essay, resume and C.V., and common application, are all fully prepared to shine when it counts most. Based on request from many of our superb applicants, we offer elite packages that provide these components together at a reduced price compared to purchasing each service alone. 

“We know far more about our students by their total application than we do from their tests. We prefer using the whole picture.”
– Michael Murphy, Dean of Admissions





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