Resume and C.V. Editing

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Preparing your C.V. and resume is a skill that is useful not just in this application cycle, but one that will serve you well going forward for all future applications. When constructing your resume, it is important to think about the format and presentation, ordering of elements, length of descriptions, what components and experiences to highlight at the forefront, and how to express these qualifications efficiently in a way that still catches the readers attention and makes you memorable among a large pool of applicants. Which experiences are vital to highlight, and which others are taking up unnecessary space that distract from your overall message? Our expert panel of advisors take pride in highlighting your accomplishments to give you the best chance of success in your application.

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For students who have qualified for a full application fee waiver and can provide a copy of their fee waiver documentation, we are committed to providing services to applicants with financial need and will provide one of our individual services with fees completely waived. Believe you may qualify? Contact us below!

Resume and C.V. Editing

Understanding how to highlight your most important experiences in a compelling manner that keeps the reader engaged and conveys your unique qualifications will be useful skills not just for this round of resume and C.V. editing, but in all future applications as well. 

If you can imagine someone in front of a room who is captivating, interesting and compelling – chances are that it’s an individual that has a special skill of conveying their experiences in a chronological, engaging and compelling fashion.” -Milyon Trulove, Dean of Admissions

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Instead of addressing and polishing only one facet of the entire application, it can be helpful to have a thorough review to ensure that the personal essay, resume and C.V., and common application, are all fully prepared to shine when it counts most. Based on request from many of our superb applicants, we offer elite packages that provide these components together at a reduced price compared to purchasing each service alone. 

“We know far more about our students by their total application than we do from their tests. We prefer using the whole picture.”
– Michael Murphy, Dean of Admissions





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