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Preparing your application to graduate school should involve several elements to ensure that each component is completely polished prior to submission. The personal essay should demonstrate who you are as a person and what you can contribute to your next institution in a clear and concise manner. Meanwhile, the application should feature an experience section that highlights your most important activities and dedication to those pursuits that you are most passionate about. Formatting the resume and CV to successfully convey these features of yourself as an applicant is a critical skill to possess both during this application cycle and for future applications. Our team of admissions experts has been involved in reviewing applications for acceptance to some of the most competitive programs in the country, and can aid in gearing your application to optimize each of these details for success so that you can achieve acceptance to your top-choice institutions. We accomplish this through an individualized approach that addresses any weaknesses early in the process, emphasizes the strengths that matter most in the application cycle, and ensures that each part of the application has been reviewed carefully to provide you with the best chance of admission.

Have you qualified for an application fee waiver?

For students who have qualified for a full application fee waiver and can provide a copy of their fee waiver documentation, we are committed to providing services to applicants with financial need and will provide one of our individual services with fees completely waived. Believe you may qualify? Contact us below!

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Instead of addressing and polishing only one facet of the entire application, it can be helpful to have a thorough review to ensure that the personal essay, resume and C.V., and common application, are all fully prepared to shine when it counts most. Based on request from many of our superb applicants, we offer elite packages that provide these components together at a reduced price compared to purchasing each service alone. 

“We know far more about our students by their total application than we do from their tests. We prefer using the whole picture.”
– Michael Murphy, Dean of Admissions

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Personal Essay Editing

An amazing personal statement can be the decisive factor in acceptance at top universities. Our editing by leading graduate advisors helps you optimize the center-piece of your application through multiple rounds of detailed edits.

Secondary Essay Editing

The secondary essays are an exceptionally important part of the application that should not be overlooked. Our advisors assist applicants in guiding essay structure and content to prepare for submission to their programs of choice.

Individualized Application Review

With several factors that go into the college application that can determine success, a comprehensive review ensures that all sections of the application including essays and experiences are fully prepared for submission.

Interview Preparation

Programs may have multiple different interview formats, and preparing for the most common and difficult graduate university interview questions with an experienced team can make the difference between rejection and acceptance at top institutions.

Resume and C.V. Editing

Resume editing is crucial in the application process, and allows you to concisely highlight your most important achievements effectively. Our expert advisors offer exceptional C.V. and resume editing to optimize your application for committee review.

Individual Applicant Advising

If you are a parent or student that is planning for the application in advance and are wondering what experiences will be most advantageous, we offer individual advising sessions for graduate applicants in order to plan their journey carefully for success upon submission.

Are you a family member looking to help an applicant?

Every application requires a personalized approach to prepare for a successful submission, and our admissions experts are happy to talk with family members and offer a free consultation prior to assisting with the application process.

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